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          Elliott Hunter is an international award winning magician and sleight of hand artist based in San Luis Obispo, CA. Growing up in the small island community of Anacortes, WA, Elliott began magic after seeing his first magic show at the local library, and then reading all of the magic books he could to learn the craft. As he progressed, he sought professional mentorship and training. In 2011 he had the opportunity to train at the most prestigious magic school in the world, and learn from the best of the best. Over the years, Elliott has been able to combine his skills in other aspects of entertainment, such as drama, dance, theatre, sleight of hand, comedy and grand illusion to create a truly multifaceted show that appeals to all audiences young and old alike.


          Elliott aims to create an authentic evening of entertainment… which is kind of ironic, considering that a magician’s job is to deceive… however, Elliott uses this to his advantage by skillfully combining magic and storytelling. When you watch Elliott’s show, it’s more than just a magic show. Elliott aims to connect with his audiences by sharing personal and socially relevant stories that elicits certain emotions in the audience. Everything is Elliott’s show stems from his own personal reality… meaning what you are seeing is true, authentic, and real... He uses magic to remind his audiences  that even the seemingly impossible can be made possible, and no matter the obstacle, it can be overcome.


         As his mentor told him… “You can have the best production value, the most expensive equipment, and even be the best performer in the world, but if you fail to connect with the audience, then you lose all aspects of entertainment.”

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