Engage, INSPIRE, and BRING JOY to your Residents! 

Elliott Hunter: 

International award winning entertainer / magician

- Self Contained Show!
- Customized for your Residents!
- Easy to book!
- family Friendly Show!
- engaging!
- Motivational!
- Inspiring! 

Regular performer at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood!

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"Elliott created an amazing and engaging event for us! We love how he can interact with people of all ages before, during, and after the show! " 

- Mary Smith

 Event Coordinator, San Luis Obispo Senior Center

Award winning Magician, Entertainer and storyteller 

Elliott Hunter

combines real stories with award winning sleight of hand in order to elicit emotions and  foster  connections with audiences. Elliott does not aim to deceive his audiences; but rather to share stories that aim to motivate, inspire and alter world views. 

Show Trailer 2019

"Elliott is masterfully entertaining and always exceeds expectations! ." 

- Scott Burnett, Anacortes High School 

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Create a one-of-a-kind experience! 

    By drawing from his own personal reality, Elliott is able to combine modern magic with socially relevant stories to elicit the pure, raw emotion from which miracles can emerge. READ MORE. 


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Yes! I want to engage our residents with world class entertainment!

"Elliott is an incredible magician, a talented performer, and a personable storyteller. He did magic tricks that impressed my wife and I as well as my young sons! We were captivated and entertained the whole time."

-Preston Wallace, Local Guide SLO county