Stage Show

(Suitable for Venues Without a Proper Stage)

1. SOUND SYSTEM: The sound system is a VERY IMPORTANT element in the show. It must be a good QUALITY system in perfect working condition, suitable for both speaking and music, including the following:

  • Mixer with accessible volume, EQ, bass and treble controls.

  • Minimum of two main speakers (placed at each side of the performing area)

  • Stage monitors that will allow artists and volunteers to hear all audio clearly when on stage.

  • The monitors must have separate volume adjustment, independent of the main speakers.

  • One wireless handheld microphone with new batteries.

  • One microphone stand for hand-held wireless microphone.

  • Two extra fully working channels in the mixing board with XLR inputs for a custom music player and wireless microphone, both of which will be provided by Elliott Hunter.

  • One 3.5mm Aux. cord input.

  • Two standard electrical outlets (110 volts) located near (within 6 feet of) the mixer.


IMPORTANT: Most professional performance venues have proper PA systems. Hotels and banquet halls often have systems with speakers mounted in the ceiling but these speakers cannot be used for this show. Also, DJ or band systems are often not suitable. If there is any doubt, please contact Elliott Hunter prior to the show day. If a suitable system is unavailable at the facility, arrangements can be made with a PA supplier or rental company. Please provide contact information for the PA provider so Elliott Hunter can speak with them in advance of the performance date to review the details. In certain situations, Elliott Hunter is able to provide his own sound system.


2. LIGHTING: Standard room lighting is suitable for this show.


3. Performance Space: Flat, level ground (No hills or holes) preferably hardwood (carpet is suitable) of at least 12 feet wide by 8 feet deep. (Please contact Elliott Hunter for further details, this show is relatively flexible in terms of performance space)


4. SEATING: If the house does not contain fixed seating, the distance from the first row of seats/tables to the front edge of the stage should be approximately 6 - 7 feet. . If a dance floor is located in front of the stage, please fill it with portable chairs and if required, the chairs can be removed after the performance. It is important to have a clear path from stage to seats and also a clear path through the audience seating to the back of the house. There should be a clear line of sight from the audience to the stage, from the stage to the audience and from all areas in the audience to all other areas in the audience. Please provide a floor plan, if available.


5. ACCESS: A minimum of 60 minutes for setup and sound checks prior to the audience arrival in venue. Please note that morning shows may require that sound checks take place the night prior.


6. BILLING: Elliott Hunter shall be billed as “Elliott Hunter”

Download printable file:

Example set up for outdoor event.
Example set up for corporate banquet.