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"Elliott is one of the top young magicians in the world!"

                                                       - Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Magic Producer

VIP Experience

Virtual Illusion Productions

"Elliott's virtual show was an incredible addition to our Zoom banquet. Everyone still talks about how great it was !"

                                                       - Stephanie Allen, Admin Assistant, Cal Poly Engineering Dept.  

Make your next virtual gathering fun and exciting with Elliott Hunter's VIP Experience! 
Perfect for company meetings or casual gatherings, Elliott combines highly visual and interactive magic with personable storytelling to create a virtual experience  that is more unique than his ginger genetics!
The VIP experience is the perfect way to change things up from the norm and provide your virtual audience with an experience they will be taking about for years to come! 
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"Elliott’s performance at TEDxSanLuisObispo was captivating! Even virtually, he came up with ways to get the audience engaged and made them feel like participants in the magic. Elliott’s entertainment skills are a breathe of fresh air that anyone can enjoy."

                                                       - Mason McElvain, Event Coordinator, TEDx

Schedule your show now before all of Elliott's available time slots vanish!

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"My goal is to help you to bring your community closer together by sharing my passion for magic. "

                                                       - Elliott Hunter :) 

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