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Named After a Sailboat!

Born and raised in the small island community of Anacortes, Washington, Elliott had always been surrounded by water. His parents, Brian and Beth, both have a passion for sailing and when he was born, they named him Elliott after Elliott Bay in Puget Sound. They chose his middle name, Hunter, after the Marlow-Hunter Sailboat.

Where it all Began...

When Elliott was seven years old, he saw his very first magic show in the public library in Anacortes. Immediately after, he took to the shelves, looking for any book on how to learn magic! He practiced daily and performed his first magic shows that same year for his fourth-grade class talent show and the Anacortes Senior Center. 

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Re-Engineering Magic

Elliott graduated high school in 2016 with honors and decided to attend Cal Poly, SLO for their engineering program. He moved to California and took his show on the road! He would perform every weekend, doing his homework backstage between shows by flashlight.


While in college, he coined the term "Engineering magic", then later "Re-Engineering Magic" as he combined his two passions. 

In June of 2021, Elliott graduated from Cal Poly with his bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

Recently, Elliott was featured in Cal Poly's Alumni Magazine, Engineering Advantage

Everything is Possible!

Now, in just his early twenties, Elliott Hunter has headlined some of the most prestigious venues in North America; from the Magic Castle in Hollywood to private celebrity events, and some of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships. His personable demeanor, contagious positivity, and undeniable passion make him one of the most versatile and sought-after performers in the world. Through visual storytelling, Elliott has mastered the ability to connect with any audience in order to cultivate a meaningful and memorable entertainment experience. 


This journey has proven to him that Everything Is Possible as long as you carry your passion with you. 

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