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Elliott Hunter rope 2022.jpg

"Elliott Hunter is one of the top young magicians in the world!"
- Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Magic Producer/ Headliner.

Award winning Magician, Entertainer and storyteller 

Elliott Hunter

He is named as one of the top young magicians in the world working today. By the time he graduated college with his engineering degree in 2021, Elliott Hunter had already headlined nightclubs in Las Vegas, created his own touring show, and become a regular performer in the Palace of Mystery at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle. After racking up numerous awards for performance excellence, Elliott Hunter set his sights on a higher goal; the 2022 F.I.S.M. world championships of Magic.

Elliott Hunter 2021.jpg

"One of the top acts in the nation!" In September 2021, Elliott was named an Olympian of magic, and will represent North American at FISM (The 2022 World Olympics of magic) as one of the top qualifying acts!

Elliott Hunter Sailboat 2022.jpg

Named After A Sailboat! 

Aiming to use magic to build community, Elliott’s dynamic show has been featured with companies, theaters, non-profits and colleges over the world. His youthful approach to modern magic along with is dedicated, goal oriented persona makes him one of the most sought after performers in the nation.

By combining sleight of hand with his background in engineering, storytelling and competitive endurance sports; all facets of entertainment converge to create an experience more unique than Elliott’s Ginger Genetics!

Current Promo Video

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"An act worth a $14 bowl of Chili!"
- Jack Goldfinger, Entertainment Director, The Magic Castle.

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Elliott hunter Frisbee.jpg

"Elliott has amazing energy and enthusiasm! He produced an incredible show for us! " 

- Chris Fuld, Project Manager, Boeing

Elliott Audience 2022.jpg

"Elliott's show was inspirational, meaningful and motivational! I loved every second!"
- Jeff D. Armstrong, President, Cal Poly SLO.

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